Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokv's story "Krasavitsa" [A Russian Beauty]
EDITOR's NOTE. Like Mr. Fridman, I have pondered this story without much
success. The final line comes from a well-known Russian fairy tale, but
its significance for the whole escapes. Both Igor Frid and i would welcome
any insights on the story.

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From: Igor Fridman <igorvf@wam.umd.edu>

I'd like to know if anyone is familiar with the story "Krasavitsa" (or "A
Russian Beauty"). This reads almost like "The Sisters" from Dubliners,
and I fear it is just as complex.. Yet after several hours, I've end up
right back where I started. Can someone point me in the right direction,
or perhaps tell me what this "unexpected solution" is (as the editor of
the book puts it).

- Igor Fridman
U. of Maryland, undergrad.