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Zembla and Chapter 7?? (fwd)
>From Jeff Edmunds <>:

First, Zembla is up, but very sluggish, and I advise not visiting the site
until all the slowness has been corrected. The technical consultants here
tell me that the slowness is the lingering effect of a weird virus that
appeared a few days ago. Apparently when they tried to reboot the server, a
scrolling diagnostic appeared that read "Gradus Was Here" then the thing
crashed again. Go figure. If anyone needs specific information from the
site, please feel free to contact me directly and I will forward the info
by e-mail.

In response to Mac Reynolds' comment: It is deeply gratifying to Dr.
Kinbote that the reading public recognizes the incomparable genius of
_Silvery Light_. Unfortunately, after the events described in Chapter 6,
Dr. Kinbote felt himself in need of a vacation. He is currently resting
comfortably in a delightful villa above Villefranche-sur-Mer on the Cote
d'Azur. In a recent telegram he promised me a new chapter by this fall.

On a related note, a reminder that an entirely redesigned Zembla, including
full search capabilities, much new material, sound files, and assorted
other tidbits, will be making an appearance within the next month or two.

Finally, a request. Are there any fabulously wealthy Nabokophiles who would
be interested in sponsoring the site? Contact me privately for details.