Vladimir Nabokov

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New Nabokov (fwd)
From: Juan M Martinez <jmm80625@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu>

An editor at Conjunctions forwarded me this information, which can also
be found at their web-site (http://www.conjunctions.com/preview.htm). I
thought it might be of some interest to the list:

"Vladimir Nabokov, The House Was There

This recently discovered, never before published 1951 text was taped into
Vera Nabokov's copy, the dedication copy, of Conclusive Evidence, the
British edition of Nabokov's Speak, Memory. In this brief yet
extraordinary text, Nabokov revisits his family's house as a ghost along
with an unidentified sidekick named Hopkinson.
"Speak softly,

drive a Sherman tank.
Laugh hard,
it's a long way to the bank."
They Might Be Giants, _Rhythm Section Want Ad_

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