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Re: LOLITA: Film & novel (fwd)
Thomas Bolt bolt@spacelab.net

I agree with Mr. Justice (and many others)
that the novel-to-film business is a problem;
and in the case of a book like LOLITA, the
best to be hoped for is publicity for the
novel that might bring it new readers.

Samuel Beckett felt so strongly about medium-
hopping that he refused many times to allow
film versions of his *plays* to be made. And
I'm not sure I would want to read a novelization
of, say, Goddard's ALPHAVILLE.

I would, however, love to see a movie version
of PNIN! With the right actor and director,
of course.

The crux in this case seems to be: LOLITA
puts its readers in Humbert's *head*. It
is quite another thing to be watching over
his shoulder.


PS: a **non-Movie** query:

What did Nabokov think of Samuel Beckett?
The usual indices have yielded no answer.
aFor that matter, what did Beckett think
of Nabokov?