Vladimir Nabokov

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Chapter 7?? (fwd)

Since Mr. Jeff Edmunds just weighed in with the information that the
Zembla site is down, perhaps now is the time to ask the question which I
know is on the minds of many subscribers to the Nabokov Forum. When is
Chapter 7 of Dr. Kinbote's biography of VN coming out? I've waited for
months, checking and rechecking Silvery Light, only to be disappointed
each time. I've read and reread the first six fascinating chapters, but
now I want more. Dare I speculate that Dr. Kinbote has writer's block,
that he may have needed an institutionalized rest away from his heavy
labors, or that, perhaps, some extremely literate ghost, butterfly net
in hand, is prowling his dreams?

Just curious,

Mac Reynolds


Mac Reynolds expresses a concern wide-spread among admiring
"Kinboteans." Is Kinbote perhaps on sabbatical? Medical leave?
Overcommitted, perhaps? A revised edition of 'Pale Fire'? Brooding over
Tom Bolt's _Dark Ice_"? Girding himself for battle with Brian Boyd's new
_Pale Fire_ book.