Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Time-100-most-important (fwd)
from Thomas Bolt (bolt@spacelab.net)

An addendum to the "100 best novels"
business: TIME's list of the "100
most important people of the twentieth
century" includes 20 "artists":

"Twenty pioneers of human expression who
enlightened and enlivened us."

Our hero is not on the list, but

Pablo Picasso
Martha Graham
Le Corbusier
Igor Stravinsky
Coco Chanel
James Joyce
T.S. Eliot
Louis Armstrong
Charlie Chaplin
Marlon Brando
Rodgers & Hammerstein
Frank Sinatra
Lucille Ball
The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Aretha Franklin
Jim Henson
Steven Spielberg
Bart Simpson
Oprah Winfrey

are. So much for lists....