NABOKV-L post 0003247, Wed, 29 Jul 1998 22:16:28 -0700

Re: Lolita film review (fwd)

Galya Diment's posting about the CNN special on the new film of LOLITA may
have erred in saying it would be on CNN's regular feature "Showbiz Today"
at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon (pacific time, U.S.). Although there may
also be something about the film on SHOWBIZ, there's a special program,
on CNN, tomorrow (Thurs., 7/30) evening, at 10:00 west coast time (U.S.)
and 9:00 central time. It's either 1/2 hour our 1 hour, devoted exclusively
to the new LOLITA film. (That "our" above should be "or".) Also,
Showtime's web site is doing an on-line chat with Adrian Lyne at 10 p.m.
this coming Monday, after the Aug. 2 cable premiere of LO. I seem to
recall that the web address is "" (I just visited
there yesterday--and I've never "chatted" let alone chatted live, so
I'm not sure how that will work.) Marilyn Edelstein