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Re: VN, Kevin Spacey and more (fwd)
>From "Peter A. Kartsev" <>

I must confess that I do not see the slightest resemblance between VN
and Kevin Spacey - and just about the only thing they have in common is
the fact that both were nominated for Academy Awards, but only one of
them won.
However, here's a curious bit of trivia. There is a little-known
British thriller, "The Clouded Yellow", made in 1951 and starring Trevor
Howard and Jean Simmons. The clouded yellow of the title is a butterfly,
and one character is a lepidopterist who, as played by Barry Jones,
looks astonishingly like VN. Moreover, - SPOILER ALERT, - in the end he
turns out to be the villain of the piece. This reminds me of Borges, who
also became a fictional murderer, though much later in his career.