Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokoviana: Constantine Nabokoff
I have been scratching about looking for information on VN's friends
during his Cambridge years. Boyd remarks that VN's uncle, Konstantin
Nabokov, Charge d'Affairs at the Russian Embassy, had many friends and
contacts in England and introduced his brother V.D.
Nabokov and his nephew to people. Hoping for some names I have justed
skimmed Constantine Nabokoff's _The Ordeal of a Diplomat_. ALthough
entertaining in spots, no mention is made of Vladimir Nabokov and only one
of any consequence to his father. This is a description of the "deputation
of Russian journalists" who visited England in the spring of 1916 in the
name of improving Anglo-Russian wartime relations. Nabokov describes his
father's visit in _Speak, Memory_.

Far more informative is the correspondence between Konstantin Nabokov and
his close American friend Naval Captain Donald Nesbit --of which more

In the unlikely event that you know anyone who attended Trinity College at
Cambridge 1919-1922, could you please let me know?

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