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Query: Nabokov Chess Sonnet & "Djuser"
My question regards Nabokov's chess sonnets (in Rul' 1924) and refers to the
first of these sonnets where a chess game is mentioned that takes place
between Philidor, the well-known chess player and composer, and another
person unknown to me, whose name I need to identify. "Tam Filidor
srazhalsja i Djuser..."
Because of the ambiguous Cyrillic spelling, I was unable to find the correct
Latin spelling. The Russian version would be transliterated as Djuser or
Diuser. The context suggests that it might be a Spanish name but it sounds
not unlike a German name (Düser) or possibly French (du Sire).
Since I am about to publish Nabokov's sonnets in translation (in the context
of a publication about 'combinatorial' literature and the the sonnet as a
'combinatorial' genre) I have to identify the name correctly.

Thus I would appreciate it very much if you could answer me or pass this
letter to an appropriate addressee. Hopefully there are people knowing
enough about Nabokov's idiosyncrasies and/or chess history.

Thank you very much!
Erika Greber

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