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MINOR THREAT - a good reiew of Lyne's Lolita in the Upper West
Side Resident (fwd)
There is a very positive, clever and friendly article Minor Threat by Liesa
Goins on Lyne's Lolita in this week on-line edition No. 36 (July 23-30, 1998)
of my neighborhood newspaper The Upper West Side Resident:
And they put a very pretty shot with Lolita and Humbert on the
cover of the Resident. My neighborhood is the Lincoln Center, New York.
People who live in this neighborhood are likely to go to the Lincoln
Center often, so this article will probably be read by the people who
would go to the screening of Lyne s Lolita in the Lincoln Center on July
28, at a charity benefit for the Fund for Artistic Initiatives. Tickets
are available to the general public for $75.00 and $50.00. As of a week
ago, the man on the phone promised a question and answer session with the
creators of the movie, though he wouldn t specify who it would be.
The only thing, the article says that "when Humbert and Lolita
reunite after a three-year separation, the moment lacks import." I didn't
get that impression. Also, watch for the scene when Humbert leaves
Lolita's house in the city "where you can't see the morons for the smog",
when they are staying on the porch; it is one of the most beautiful
scenes, visually, that I've ever seen in the cinema.

Galya Korovina
gorod New York