Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Short Film Project of Nabokov's "Christmas" (fwd)
From: Benjamin Isaac Gregory <benjy@blarg.net>

> I am producing a short film based on Nabokov's story
> "Christmas" (Rozhdestvo). I have received a grant from the King
> County Arts Commission (Seattle) to make the film. I am also just about to
> sign an agreement with Smith/Skolnik for the rights. Production will
> begin sometime this fall.
> Of course the grant isn't enough to cover the full costs of production and
> so I'm continuing to seek other sources of funding. If any of you aware
> of any agency or foundation that accepts applications for grants for
> artistic projects related to one of Nabokov's works, I would be most
> grateful for the information. This film is not intended as a commercial
> project. Some of the in-kind production support will be provided by the
> Northwest Film Forum in Seattle which is a non-profit organization.
> If you're interested, I can also provide more background about myself and
> what is motivating me to make a film of an obscure 1925 Nabokov story.
> Serge Gregory
> Seattle, Washington