Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0003224, Fri, 24 Jul 1998 13:46:44 -0700

Re: Nabokov Studies -- the journal
Does anyone know when the next NABOKOV STUDIES i.e.,
the 1997 issue (#5) is to come out? I've been looking for it but perhaps
I'm over anxious or perhaps there is a delay.

Also, someone mentioned putting the journal _Nabokov Studies_ on
CD, but I would like to suggest putting the entire catalog of Nabokovian
on CD, I would gladly purchase it to have access to all the material that
is unavailable at present, and the length of the articles tend to be short
and thus easily print-off-able for those who want paper for notations.

Darryl Schade
editor of NABOKOV STUDIES, tells me the current (1997) issue is now at
the printers and should be in the mail in a few weeks. Please contact him
re subscriptions.

Having older issues THE NABOKOVIAN, edited by Stephen Parker, available on
CD is indeed worth considering. An index for the first 20 (?) numbers is
available on the Nabokov www site ZEMBLA and back numbers of most issues
are available via Steve Parker