Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: lolita and the 100 best novels ... (fwd)
"1984" better than "Pale Fire"?
"Animal Farm" better than "Pnin"?
"A Handful of Dust" better than "Laughter in the Dark"?
"Lord of the Flies" better than "Invitation to a Beheading"?
"Of Human Bondage" better than "Ada"?
Well, perhaps we on this list are blinded by the dazzling light of our
author's brilliant talent, but, like Mac Reynolds, there are few writers I

will read again and again: Nabokov is number one on the list. (Rushdie, I
admit, though not foremost his "100 best" entry, is number two.)
Like all such lists, this one is filled with absurdities, its choices
reflecting the confused aesthetic of a random (forgive the pun) roomful of
But better to be on it than not (where is "Fifth Business"? not as good
as ...
? oh, well, one could go on for hours....)
Christopher Berg