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Re: lolita and the 100 best novels ... (fwd)
From: Reynoldsm001@hawAII.RR.COM

It was the greatest hundred novels of the 20th Century and "Lolita" was
4th on the list. I don't mean to knock Joyce("my pat ball to his full
service game"--quote may not be quite accurate), but I have never read
any author with more delight than I have Nabokov. I'm no intellectual
and therefore not really privy to all the word plays, references,
swirling currents of entrapment, enjambment, and ocean-deep enjoyment
that scholars perceive, but, for me, Joyce is not a joy to read and VN
is. Hell! As far as I'm concerned, put "Pnin," "Pale Fire," and "Look
at the Harlequins" in the top ten and be done with it. I'm 62. I've
read the others over the years and in my remaining years, there is only
one author I'll come back to again and again.

Quiet night,
In my den,
Hello, VN.

Mac Reynolds