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lolita and the 100 best novels ... (fwd)
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EDITOR's NOTE. NABOKV-L thanks Steven Benko ("steven a. benko"
<sabenko@email.msn.com> for the item below.

i'm sure more information will be forthcoming, but for now ... infobeat news
service ran a blurb this morning about a list of the 100 greatest works of
literature of all time ... lolita is mentioned in the title, but the blurb
does not say where the book ranks on the list. here's the blurb, and a link
to the full article that should include a longer story as well as the list.


*** Ulysses, Gatsby and Lolita top list of best books

Once-banned "Ulysses" was named Monday the greatest novel in English
this century in a 100-best list that doesn't include a single woman
until number 15 and doesn't get to Ernest Hemingway until number 45.
The list voted on by the 10-member board of the Modern Library, the
Random House imprint that specializes in classic literature, may be
more notable for what it omits or relegates to the bottom than for
what it puts at the top. Modern Library publisher Chris Cerf is
delighted by the controversy. "No two people are going to agree on a
list of the 100 best English language novels but we have succeeded in
getting people talking about classic literature again," he said. See