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Re: Botkin's Disease (fwd)
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Subject: Re: Botkin (fwd)

>EDITOR's NOTE. I suspect the hospitalis named after his famous physician
>father, P.S. Botkin who even has a disease named after him
>-Botkinskaia bolezn'.

Just out of curiosity, what is the nature of the disease?

Editor's reply: 'Botkina bolezn' is "infectious hepatitus" - first
described, it say here, by P.S. Botkin in 1883. P.S. Botkin, was, I
assume, the father of the MD who is being buried today. The younger Botkin
is not, for some rreason, listed in my Soviet _Entsiklopedicheskii
slovar_, although jis father is favorably described as "a materialist."
The Editor