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Re: Botkin (fwd)
This Bit-kin was also mentioned in a _New Yorker_ article about the flood
of possible survivors of the executions---either last week or the week
before, I forget.



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On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Donald Barton Johnson wrote:

> >From Jeff Edmunds <jhe@psulias.psu.edu>:
> A visitor to Zembla named Tom Wootton sent me this intriguing tidbit from
> the July 16th issue of the Guardian (London). Maybe this particular Botkin
> was common knowledge to Nabokovians; I had never heard of him.
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> 'We set about finishing them off'
> The testimony of Yakov Yurovsky, senior Cheka officer in charge of the
> execution of the abdicated Tsar Nicholas II, his family and servants in
> Yekaterinburg on July 17, 1918:
> "I went to wake the arrested. Botkin (the imperial family's doctor) slept
> in the room nearest the entrance. He came out and asked what the matter
> was. I told him we had to wake everyone, since the town was unsafe, it
> would be dangerous for them to remain upstairs and I would take them to
> another place."