Vladimir Nabokov

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Additions to NEWS/THE NABOKOVIAN (fwd)
>From Ellen Pifer, President, International Vladimir Nabokov Society:

A cursory look at the latest THE NABOKOVIAN reveals some omissions I would
like to rectify:

1. At the MLA National Convention, San Francisco, December 1998, two
sessions are being sponsored by the IVNS--both the one chaired by Stephen
Blackwell (described on p. 4) and an "Open Session" chaired by Ellen
Pifer, in which four papers--on various subjects and novels, including
BEND SINISTER and ADA--will be presented.

2. At the MLA National Convention, Toronto, December 1997, two sessions
were sponsored by the IVNS--both the "Open Session" chaired by D. Barton
Johnson (see p. 72 ff.) and one on "LOLITA in Context" chaired by Ellen
Pifer. The papers delivered at this session were as follows:

a. "Cultural Icons in Conflict: LOLITA and Dostoevsky's 'Gentle
Creature.'" Julian W. Connolly, Univ. of Virginia

b. "Bedtime Stories: Fairy Tales and Pedophiliac Fantasies in
LOLITA." Susan Elizabeth Sweeney, College of the Holy Cross

c. "'Imagine Me': The Myth of the American Road in LOLITA."
Robert Barringer, Univ. of Delaware

d. "Nabokov's LOLITA Screenplays: From Hollywood Production to
Literary Text." Douglas G. Baldwin, Yale Univ.