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Lolita on Radio
I got a press release yesterday from my local NPR affiliate (KUOW 94.9)
which boasts "Exclusive Broadcast of Nabokov's LOLITA":

"KUOW 94.9 Public radio will air the uncensored, unabridged audio
production of LOLITA, Vladimir Nabokov's most controversial novel. This
evocative 12-hour production is performed by Academy Award winner Jeremy
Irons, who also stars in a new film version of the book... KUOW 94.9
Public Radio is the only radio station in the country to air this
highly-acclaimed production. Monday through Fridays at 9:30 p.m., July 6
through August 7. LOLITA airs in 25 half-hour segments. LOLITA is
distributed by Random House AudioBooks."

Attached are also "Praise for LOLITA" and Random House's somewhat
breathless version of "The History of LOLITA":

"In a raging snow storm, [Walter] Minton [of Putnam] drove to
visit Vladimir Nabokov at Cornell University and offered to publish LOLITA
in America. Nabokov accepted his offer, and the deal was made. In 1958,
Putnam published Lolita in the United States and within three weeks of
publication, 100,00 copies were sold, making it the first book to sell at
that rate since Margaret Mitchell's GONE WITH THE WIND."

The last page is given to the bio of Jeremy Irons, which concludes by
portraying him -- but, of course! -- as a good family man -- "Jeremy
Irons and his wife, actress Sinead Cusack, have two sons, Samuel, born
September 15, 1978 and Maximilian, born on October 17, 1986." In other
words, No Humbert Humbert he!

Galya Diment