Vladimir Nabokov

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Lolita Street (Possibly unpostworthy . . . (fwd)
From: Neil Spence <nspence@nextera-pcg.com>

. . . but I think I may be forgiven.) I'd like to announce to the list my
recent change of address. On Bloomsday I moved to:

11 Dolores Street, Apartment 1
San Francisco, California

I think VN would have appreciated not only the street name, but also the
metrics and numerics of the address.

I am reminded of the time when my good friend Dr. Joel J. Brattin, renowned
Dickens scholar, contributor to Nabokov Studies #1, and esteemed expert on
Jimi Hendrix (and hence Janis) resided on Pearl Street in Joplin, Missouri.

Neil (on Dolores in the San Francisco haze . . .)

Neil Spence
NextEra/Pyramid Consulting Group