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Re: The fate of the Schiff/Lyne Lolita film (fwd)
From: Stephen Schiff <schiff@echonyc.com>

It may interest members of the list to know a few things about the fate of
the Lolita film that I wrote and Adrian Lyne directed.

As many of you know, the film will be available for viewing by men, women,
and children of all ages on the Showtime premium cable network, beginning on
August 2 and continuing, on Showtime and the Sundance Channel, throughout
the month. A smallish theatrical run may follow, and then, perhaps, a wave
of pedophilia--at least if our critics are to be believed.

The film will receive its official American premiere, on an actual movie
screen, in Los Angeles, on July 15, at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences. The screening and accompanying shindig will be a benefit for
the American Civil Liberties Union, whom you may petition for tickets, if
you're so moved. Then, on July 28, the film will enjoy its East Coast
premiere, for the benefit of Lincoln Center (whom you may also petition), at
New York's Alice Tully Hall.

One other item that, I hope, will be of interest: My screenplay for the film
will be published in July by Applause Books. (It may even be available in
time for that Los Angeles premiere.) It will feature a foreword by Jeremy
Irons, a preface by Adrian Lyne, and a rather detailed introduction by me,
along with about a hundred photos from the film. I will even find myself in
the odd position of doing a book-signing for the thing, at New York's Barnes
and Noble mega-mega-mega-store near Lincoln Center, on August 3 at 7:00 p.m.

The contrasts between the screenplay and the film itself, not to mention the
contrasts between my adaptation and VN's own, may prove interesting to
members of the list. And with the indulgence of the list's administrators, I
hope you will post whatever brickbats or bouquets the book inspires.

Stephen Schiff