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Re: FATHOUSE Nabokovian Cover Art (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE: Ryan Asmussen (rra@bu.edu) and his band FATHOUSE recently
released a pop/rock CD, "A Pin, A Cork, And A Card", featuring a sheet of
Nabokov 'blues' (lepidopteral) on the cover and on the disc itself, taken
(with permission) from Brian Boyd's "Vladimir Nabokov: The American Years".

Dear All:

It dawned on me recently that perhaps some of the people in the discussion
group would like to see (or wouldn't mind seeing) a scanned photo of our CD
cover with the Nabokov butterflies on it. If they'd like to, they can
access it at:


A page in one of our two home pages, containing information about FATHOUSE,
the CD itself, contact info., etc.



Ryan Asmussen
Administrative Assistant to the Chairman
Biomedical Engineering Department
Boston University
44 Cummington Street
Boston, MA 02215
e-mail: rra@bu.edu