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Okudzhava on Nabokov and a question to NABOKOV-L (fwd)
From: Elena Rudolfovna Rakhimova <eara@uhura.cc.rochester.edu>

Elena Sommers
University of Rochester

Hi, everyone!
I came accross something last night , that I think will be
interesting for some of Okudzhava admirers (to whom I certainly belong):

" I did what I wanted" - Interview with Bulat Okudzhava

- Kstati, -otkuda idet Vasha proza: Pushkin, Paustovskii?
[By the way, where is your prose from: Pushkin, Paustovsky?]
- Net, moi uchitelja v proze - eto Goffman, Pushkin, Tolstoy,
[No, my teachers are Hoffmann, Pushkin, Tolstoy, and Nabokov]
_Gogolja vy ne nazvali?
[You didn't name Gogol]
- Net.
- A Nabokova ljubite?
[And you like nabokov?]
- Da, pochti vsego.
[Yes, almost everything]
- Mne kazhetsja, chto ego jazyk isskustvennyj, ne svjazan s russkoi
[I think his language is artificial, not connected to Russian soil]
_ Eto nevazhno. On menja voskhichaet svoim riskom.
[It doesn't matter. He thrills me with the risks he takes.]

Then Okudzhava talks a little about his attitude towards Dostoevsky.

I also have a question to the Forum:

Can someone point out an article( or any other material)
on homosexual characters in
Nabokov. This question has been asked by someone before, but I did not see
any replies. May be there there is none.

Thanks in advance.