Vladimir Nabokov

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Gelb on Song (fwd)
From: Stephen Blackwell <sblackwe@utk.edu>

Having read Karen Gelb's posting, I was amused that it was a van playing the
song, and I wondered: was it a yellow van with blue shaded letters, making a
"nedobrosovestnaia" effort to stretch to the next dimension? Did the words
read "Max Lux"?

But in the spirit of Mak-s Luk-s, I suddenly thought about Van Veen, and the
following thought came to mind: in the many commentaries upon that
character's name, has anyone observed the fact that the name can be seen as
the bilingual pronunciation of VN's initials:
Veh--en Vee--en ? Regardless, a nice icon of VN's binationality and the
novel's own confused geography.