Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: The Police (fwd)
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Heard the song before you read Nabokov, eh? Lord, you people make me
feel old.
I saw the Police for the first time in Las Cruces, NM in 1978, I
believe, when the song was probably still a gleam in Sting's eye and two
years after 'Lolita' appeared in my freshman Lit class at UNM...
Now to brass tacks...the 'old man' can't be Hum, right? Is it the guy
whose face is obscured by darkness on the porch of the Enchanted
Hunters, as Hum waits for his purple pill to work? I believe he does
shake and cough, and say something like "You lie, she's not..." then
claims that he meant "July was hot." Is this Quilty on Lo's trail
already or just a figment of Hum's paranoia? Or is there another 'old
man' I don't know about?

> From: Eslacaja@aol.com
> just an interesting note,
> Sting was a teacher at an
> all girls school at some point
> before he became a big rock star
> - i don't know what grade, though.
> let's get this video on VH-1's "pop-up"
> video and then we'll know everything
> ash

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