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A correction to the below. My close friend Oleg Dark isn't an
emigre critic but Moscow's "man of letters". He wrote the Commentary to
the five volumes of the Nabokov "Ogonyok" edition.

Sincerely, Sergey Il'yn

Nashe delo veseloe
From Don Johnson.
Sergei Il'in is undoubtedly right, although Gurbolikova does list
Oleg Dark as an emigre critic of the thirties along with Adamovich.

> I have just browsed a Russian volume by O.A.Gurbolikova,
>_TAINA VLADIMIRA NABOKOVA: Bibliograficheskii ocherk. Protsess osmyleniia_
>(Moskve: Rossiiskaia gosudarstvennaia biblioteka, 1995. ISBN 5-7510-0045-5.
> It is a survey of Russian criticism of VN for the years 1986
-1993. It
>provides a bibliography of Russian writing about VN, a title index, a
>name index, a Chronology, and a biographical sketch. It is
>designed as an aide to teachers and students. The bulk
>of the volume is devoted to summaries of the work of several Russian
>Nabokovians: The biggest single chunk summarizes parts of Nikolai
>Anastas'ev _Fenomen Nabokova_. Next, Viktor Erofeev's writings are next
>surveyed; then those of Alexander Dolinin, followed by emigre critics
>G. Adamovich, Oleg Dark, and Zinaida Shakhovskaia. Other critics
>represented are A. Muliarchik, Ivan Tolstoi, Oleg Mikhailov, Voznesenskii
>and Bitov.