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VN Bibliography

I have just browsed a Russian volume by O.A.Gurblikova,
_TAINA VLADIMIRA NABOKOVA: Bibliograficheskii ocherk. Protsess osmyleniia_
(Moskve: Rossiiskaia gosudarstvennaia biblioteka, 1995. ISBN 5-7510-0045-5.

It is a survey of Russian criticism of VN for the years 1986 -1993. It
provides a bibliography of Russian writing about VN, a title index, a
name index, a Chronology, and a biographical sketch. It is
designed as an aide to teachers and students. The bulk
of the volume is devoted to summaries of the work of several Russian
Nabokovians: The biggest single chunk summarizes parts of Nikolai
Anastas'ev _Fenomen Nabokova_. Next, Viktor Erofeev's writings are next
surveyed; then those of Alexander Dolinin, followed by emigre critics
G. Adamovich, Oleg Dark, and Zinaida Shakhovskaia. Other critics
represented are A. Muliarchik, Ivan Tolstoi, Oleg Mikhailov, Voznesenskii
and Bitov.

Based upon a quick random sampling, the summaries seem to be
accurate recountings of the critics represented. This volume will be quite
useful for anyone tracing the return of Nabokov to the homeland. The handy
index of VN titles makes it possible to quickly see what different critics
have had to say about individual works. DAR has the most entries, closely
followed by Lolita. SM, Priglashenie na kazn',and Zashchita Luzhina are
also well represented. Apart from Lolita, the focus is predominantly
on VN's Russian works.

P.S. In a catalogue of new Russian titles, I find LOLITA described as "A
Russian love tale of the XXth Century.

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