Vladimir Nabokov

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Excerpt from New Statesman PULP and Lolita film (fwd)
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The only real reason for me spotting this - that I am a fan of Jarvis
Cocker, from the band Pulp.
In an article about the disappointment of "reality", Hugh
Aldersey-Williams discusses the controversy that has welled up over the
cover of Pulp's latest album, "This is hardcore". The somewhat irreal,
naked woman pictured has been "created" (if that is indeed le mot juste)
by a mixture of photography, art and computer simulation. HAW declares:

"Made the subject of whatever fantasy, she attains an unreal, intangible
purity. Lolita explores the same paradoxical situation and the crimes
and confusions that follow from it. (If you're looking for a different
take on the Lolita fuss, ask yourself when anybody made a film, let
alone a remake, of any of Nabokov's other novels.) Pornography is simply
the most familiar visual language through which we appreciate the
disparity between the intensity of imagined experience and the
disappointment or disgust of its realisation..."