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>EDITOR's NOTE. The identity of M. Ageyev has been firmly established as I
>recall, but I don't remember where I read about it. Can anyone help with
>From: Anton Nikkilä <anton.nikkila@pp.inet.fi>
>I am translating M. Ageyev's Roman s kokainom from Russian into Finnish,
>and I am trying to find information about Ageyev's identity. I have read
>your article "Nabokov and M. Ageyev's Novel with Cocaine", as well as
>Nikita Struve's "Roman-zagadka", Raoul Eshelman's "Why People Stupefy
>Themselves", and prefaces to the first Soviet publication of the novel (by
>Dmitri Volchek in Rodnik magazine) and the English (by Michael Henry Heim)
>and Swedish (by Hans Björkegren) translations of the book.
>All these articles are from mid-to-late 80's, and I'm wondering if anything
>new has come up since then concerning Ageyev's "biography". Volchek, for
>example, mentioned Gabriel Superfin's hypothesis that the novel is
>autobiographical and the author's name could be found by going through the
>lists of students in Moscow University's law faculty and Kreimanskaya
>gimnaziya (in which Superfin believes "Maslennikov" studied) in 1915-1919.
>I would be very thankful if you could point me to any other sources or
>share any information you might have.
>Anton Nikkila

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See "The Nabokovian" #38 (Spring 1997), p. 52 "VN, Agheyev and 'Novel With
Cocaine" by Thomas Ufban, Warsaw, about Mark Levi (pseud. Agheyev) who died
in Yerevan on August, 5, 1973.
Sergey Il'yn

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