Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0003158, Fri, 29 May 1998 13:55:23 -0700

Re: GARLAND VN COMPANION at Barnes & Noble (fwd)
>From Mary Bellino (iambe@javanet.com):

I think someone at Barnes and Noble must have finally caught on to the
pricing error on the Garland Companion. I discovered the $28 listing and
ordered it way back on April 15 or so. When it didn't arrive after
about 10 days, I e-mailed them (even though I was afraid this would
alert them to the pricing error) and they told me they were getting it
from the publisher and would ship it soon, which they did. Once I had
the volume safe in hand I meant to alert the list to this fabulous
bargain, but a vacation intervened and I forgot. The recent flurry of
orders must have tipped B&N off that something was amiss. I do think it
was an error --$65 was the cheapest I had seen it previously (that was
the "old" B&N price before they reverted briefly to the full price).
Scholar's Bookshelf may be offering a slight discount.

I also cleaned up on the recent Ardis web-page sale (thanks for the tip,
Don), but since that's over too I'll refrain from further gloating. If
it makes anyone feel better, I spend unconscionable amounts of time
shopping for books on the web, and what I've gained on the occasional
bargain I've more than lost in misspent hours.