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Re: BBC TV Lolita Story (fwd)
From: Jeremy Caleb Johnson <johnsojc@jmu.edu>

I must thank Dr Goodenough for mentioning The Lolita Story; I have been
intending to write something about it to everyone for a week now.

Channel Four broadcast The Lolita Story on Saturday, 16 May 1998,
following it up with a broadcast of Kubrick's Lolita later that same
night. Unfortunately I saw neither.

I did, however, manage to obtain a copy of the documentary but had a
terrible time in doing so. I started with Channel 4's press department,
and they gave me the run-around (to say the least). After wrangling with
them for the week leading up to and the week following the broadcast, I
have made quite a nice enemy of Channel 4, I think. It seems that they
would gladly send out a copy of the tape if I were writing for a newspaper
but not if I merely wanted it for scholarly pursuit. I told them flat-out
that their policy was inane.

Eventually, they referred me to the production company, and, after a
telephone message and a very pleasant conversation with a very cooperative
woman there, the production company sent me a video copy of the
documentary for #12 (~$19). I would try contacting them directly at this

Mark Forstater Productions
27 Lonsdale Road
London NW6 6RA
Tel. +44 (0)171 624 1123
Fax +44 (0)171 624 1124

(I plan to watch my video this weekend, as I have just received it in the
post this morning.)

Jeremy Caleb Johnson
English & Russian
JMU Overseas Programs, Ltd
Madison House
47-49 Gower Street
London WC1E 6HH
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