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The Lolita Story (UK TV Documentary)
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Channel 4's 60-minute documentary, 'The Lolita Story', went out a few days ago.
It is not, unfortunately, a co-production so I have no information about
possible transmission in the US. Anyone interested in tracking it down might
start with their website [http://www.channel4.com.uk/]

The programme covered the Lolita saga from the publication problems the book
faced up to Adrian Lyne's film. It includes documentary footage of VN
butterflying, and brief extracts from an interview with him. (Plus, of course,
VN reading out the first paragraph of 'Lolita') There are also clips from a
recent interview with Dmitri Nabokov, expressing approval of the Lyne film.

The section on book publication includes interviews with an Olympia Press editor
and charts the book's take-off after Graham Greene selected it as one of his
books of the year. The story of the Kubrick film includes a lot of material from
the movie's co-producer, though not (no surprises) from the reclusive Mr K
himself. Sue Lyons' subsequent personal and acting problems are discussed, with
input from semi-Lolita 'Baby Doll' Carroll Baker. This section is intercut with
a discussion of Ms Swain's capabilities in the new movie. Adrian Lyne emphasises
that his actress was sent to a psychiatrist to ensure that playing the part
would do her no harm, and Jeremy Irons complements Ms Swains on her maturity.
The difficulties the new movie has faced are described - with input from Schiff,
Lynes, Irons and others - and the Lolita image is briefly discussed - there is
an exchange with another novelist of paedophilia, A.M. Homes, here.

Throughout the programme there are constant references to Lyne's movie, cuts to
Lyne talking himself, extracts from movie scenes with Irons and Swain, and some
filming on the set of the movie. This was a serious and informative overview of
the fuss that has followed Lolita all her life, and served to whet my appetite
for when Lyne's movie finally gets here to Norwich!

PS A play just opened in London's Hampstead Theatre is entitled "Nabokov's
Gloves". Apparently this is a reference to the fact that VN never wore any while
he was keeping goal, though what relevance this has to the play or its story I
do not know at present.
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