Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0003140, Tue, 26 May 1998 10:49:58 -0700

Garland Companion Query (fwd)
EDITOR's RESPONSE. I assume it must be the same volume, although it seems
to good to be true. NABOKV-L awaits confirmation froma buyer. In case, any
one does not know, the volume contains essays on almost every aspect of
VN's work by the leading figures in world Nabokov scholarship and an
excellent bibliography. Anyone who writes on VN should first
consult this reference volume.
From: "English, Darrin" <English.Darrin@tci.com>

After reading the posting last week regarding the Garland Companion, I
checked its price with two online booksellers. Amazon.com lists the book at
$95 (with no discount), but Barnes & Noble lists it, after discount, at $28.
(For some reason, they show its original price as $40.) Does anyone on the
list know if the Garland Companion listed by Barnes & Noble is, indeed, the
same Garland Companion mentioned in previous posts? Thanks.

Darrin English