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NABOKV-L post 0003133, Sat, 23 May 1998 10:43:32 -0700

Query--Jeremy Irons on Nightline (fwd)

>From Marilyn Edelstein, English, Santa Clara University

In late March, Jeremy Irons appeared on Nightline, talking about, among
other things, the new film of LOLITA. Someone on the list had forwarded
a web site address for the transcript of that show, but when I visited
it this week, the transcript was no longer available. (I assume that
transcripts are on-line for a limited time.) That original message,
which I had just unearthed in stored e-mail, also included an e-mail
attachment, which Don said was unreadable. On my system, it came
through with lots of distracting symbols and numbers (or "signs
and symbols"?) and was at least practically unreadable. If anyone
on this list still has an on-line version of the transcript with Irons,
would he or she be willing/able to send me a copy to my other e-mail
address, that can usually read attachments? (I assume that the problem
originally was that in Don's system being unable to read the attachment.)
Thanks in advance for any help. Marilyn Edelstein, English, Santa Clara U