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Re: Gerschenkron & Nabokov's Onegin (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. NABOKV-L thanks Alexander Dolinin, author of many articles
and a forthcoming book on VN, for his response below. I would add that the
first place to look for informed opinion about VN is: THE GARLAND
COMPANION TO VLADIMIR NABOKOV. Ed. Vladimir Alexandrov. New York: Garland,

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I made three references to Gershenkron's persuasive article in my
piece on Nabokov's Onegin in the Garland Companion.
Though Nabokov never mentioned Gershenkron and preferred to blast
the easy prey of Wilson and Co, in the second edition he silently
corrected ALL the mistakes indicated in Gershenkron's article and
moreover, in response to it, deleted an important statement concerning his
usage of free iambic rhythm.
Alexander Dolinin