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Query: VN mentions
From: Juan Martinez <jmm80625@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu>

I've received so many great entries for my site's _Nabokovilia_ (a
compilation of Nabokov references in other people's novels) from the forum
that I thought I would try my hand with Nabokov snippets to be found in
popular culture---movies, TV and music. I'm thinking of stuff like the
Police song or Lord Kinbote in the X-Files (a quote or source for either
one of which, by the way, I would very much appreciate). All references
are credited to those who send them, unless I lose or misplace the e-mail,
which has happened. Along that vein, could the person who supplied me
with Barnes' _Flaubert's Parrot_ please e-mail me again so I can credit
you with leading me to that book?

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Also, I've got a bibliographical request: I'm being bombarded by very
anxious high-schoolers who are working on Nabokov papers, and I usually
tell them to head out to the library and search out Boyd's biographies,
but I feel guilty because, other than Boyd, I'm not terribly familiar with
good, solid overall criticisms of Nabokov (as opposed to books that focus
exclusively on, say, _Pale Fire_ or _Pnin_, or essay collections, which
are abundant enough and usually of very high quality).

Does anyone have a favorite Nabokov "basic" or "primer"? I want to have a
little section of the site devoted to book suggestions for students
working on Nabokov papers (partly, at least, to avoid having to answer the
steady stream of calls for help).

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