Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokov Simulacrum Competition (fwd)
From: Mary Krimmel <mary.krimmel@thekat.cts.com>

-> could be wildly satirized. What do the forum members think?

This member thinks it's a super suggestion and nominates Donald Barton
Johnson, Galya Diment and Tom Bolt to be judges and/or to suggest other
judges. Also suggests a prize of fame and self-satisfaction for the

Not just Hemingway. A mostly local Raymond Chandler society sponsors an
annual contest here in La Jolla to imitate him, and I've heard of a
contest to parody Bulwer-Lytton with a story beginning with his
notorious opening: "It was a dark and stormy night." (I think I have
this right.)

Personally, I'm not talented enough to enter these, but if I had any
such inclination I'd tackle any of the others before Nabokov. I know,
however, that talent lies both close to this list and the alt. site and
and also afield. I want to see the results of the contest!

How publicized? At literary conventions? University news bulletins?
Literary journals? Obviously anything free - and I would expect many

Mary Krimmel