Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Nabokov Simulacrum Competition (fwd)

>From Tim Henderson<thenders@mail.lanline.com>
Along these lines, does anybody remember a VN parody called "Three
Meetings" in an out-of-print book of literary parodies by Eli Wallach? I
saw it once in a college library but no longer recall the title. Wallach
did another book called _Hopalong Freud_, the title piece of which
skewers TS Eliot's verse drama "The Cocktail Party", and I believe this
book was a sequel. Can anyone supply the name?
>From memory, some of the lines were (on butterflies) "bug pennants,
bucking; choppy flags of the forest" and an extended mock-play on the
word "metamorphosis": "A meaty forest? I made a fire more for us?"

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