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"'Lolita' Finds USA Home on TV" (fwd)
From: ptudor@budfin.co.nz

Wearing my Librarian's hat here... I was running a search across the NZ
Press Assocation database this afternoon when I stumbled upon this
Reuters story. Unfortunately, our copyright agreement with NZPA
precludes me from forwarding the entire text, however following are some

Lolita, a movie deemd too controversial for United States theatrical
release, will be shown on cable television beginning in August, two
cable companies announced on Tuesday.
The deal struck between Showtime and the Sundance Channel could be a big
risk because the film... was shunned for release by every major studio
in Hollywood... Its supporters call it a wonderful film about a real
problem, but its detractors charge that it glamorizes paedophilia.
"We expect there to be a great deal of controversy, but we've been down
this road before," said Jerry Offsay, president of programming at
Showtime Networks, referring to 1996's Bastard Out of Carolina about
child abuse.

A Showtime spokesman said it may distribute the movie in US theaters
after its TV broadcast.