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From: Earl Sampson <esampson@cu.campus.mci.net>
From: esampson@cu.campus.mci.net (Earl Sampson)

Several Lolita-related articles and reviews culled from the periodical
press were posted on the newsgroup alt.books.nabokov in April.

On Apr 19: 1) "Lolita, a girl for the '90s" (a 1996 U.S. News and World
Report article; 2) a 1995 National Review article; 3) the LOLITA entry from
_Magill's Survey of Cinema_; 4) "Flaws, Aside, Kubrick's 'Lolita' is Worth
Look" (a 1996 Los Angeles Times review, occasioned by a showing of the
Kubrick LOLITA in a Los Angeles theater); 5) "Nabokov's 'Lolita'," a 1995
article by "The Explicator."

And on Apr 23, a curious piece entitled "A Dream Past Reality. Kauffman,
Banta, and Kubrick on Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita" posted in five parts, from
"On the Fringe: Word Up" (an e-zine?). The main body of the article is what
I guess could be called a contrastive analysis of readings of LOLITA by
Linda Kaufmann and Martha Banta (from _Dreaming in America_). It is
bracketed by a foreword and an afterword. The foreword is signed by the
"editor" of the "manuscript," "Prof. Chelsia D. Swanson" of "Margana,"
Virginia. In the afterword, which parodies both the LOLITA Afterword (in
its title) and the ending of "The Vane Sisters," that is revealed to be a
pseudonym for the article's author, "Chad Lewis Ossman" (also a

These posts are available at www.dejanews.com (search on <alt.books.nabokov>).