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Lyne/Schiff LO venue
From: Bart Eeckhout <bart.eeckhout@rug.ac.be>

Since the wonderful contributors to this list love to trace the
peripatetics of a certain recent movie adaptation of VN's most famous
novel, here's a particularly teasing tidbit. A friend of mine who has just
returned from Barcelona reports that he saw the final and much contested
sequence (the grand guignol killing of Quilty) projected onto a screen in a
somewhat unexpected locale and in a no less unusual format. In one of the
largest gay discotheques of Barcelona, in a back room adjacent to a
so-called dark room, videos are shown for the loitering and cruising
clientele. One of them shows the ending of Lyne's Lolita, followed, in the
most postmodern of juxtapositions suggesting a relationship only fathomable
by today's most inspired theorists, by hardcore gay porn. Since my friend
had seen the movie beforehand, he is not likely to have misidentified what
he saw. I would be indebted to anyone who could enlighten me on what this
anecdote means in the light of the nexus between high & low, art &
perversion, violence & porn, art & commodification, paedophilia &
homosexuality, authorial intentionality & postmodern appropriation, or is
it the construction of camp I should be worrying about?
With apologies for my overworked prose.

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