Vladimir Nabokov

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WANTED: The Gift (fwd)
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Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 09:14:41 -0400
From: Jeff Edmunds <jhe@psulias.psu.edu>
A library patron here at Penn State is extremely eager to acquire a
hardback copy of The Gift, but his searches of book stores and dealers have
turned up only paperbacks and collector-grade items (e.g. Nabokov's own
copy of The Gift). He is not a collector, only someone with an interest in
VN who refuses to buy paperbacks. He is willing to pay any reasonable price
asked. The copy need not be 1st edition, nor have a dust jacket, just in
decent shape and hardback.

If anyone knows of a source for such a thing, or has a copy of The Gift
fitting this description that they'd be willing to part with for a fair
price, please contact me privately at jhe@psulias.psu.edu.

Thank you.