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Report on LOLITA Out Loud (fwd)
From: Susan Elizabeth Sweeney <ssweeney@holycross.edu>

LOLITA Out Loud, which was held at Holy Cross College in Worcester,
Massachusetts, on Wednesday, March 29, was a great success. It took about
twelve hours for some 70 volunteer readers to read aloud the entire text
of the novel. For the finale, Nabokov scholars Joel J. Brattin (Worcester
Polytechnic Institute), Dale Peterson (Amherst College), Maxim D. Shrayer
(Boston College), and Susan Elizabeth Sweeney (Holy Cross College) read
aloud their favorite passages from LOLITA. The audience also heard
Nabokov himself perform Humbert's poem "Wanted, wanted: Dolores Haze" (by
means of a recording published by the Harvard Poetry Room). A catalogue
for the accompanying book exhibit on the publishing history of LOLITA will
be sent via email to anyone who requests it (contact Susan Elizabeth
Sweeney at ssweeney.holycross.edu).