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VN ALICE in Wonderland translatio:Re: Chizhik, chizhik,
gde ty byl?
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EDITOR's NOTE. Forwarded from the AATSEEL list. Prof. Priestly collection
of variant of "Chizik" will be in a following posting.

From: Robert A. Rothstein <rar@SLAVIC.UMASS.EDU>
Subject: Re: Chizhik, chizhik, gde ty byl?

Boris Zakhoder, in his translation of _Alice_, out-Nabokoved Nabokov by
playing on eight poems in his rendition of "You Are Old, Father
I wonder if Professor Priestly would be willing to post to the list
a compilation of the the variants of "Chizhik" that he received -- as a
contribution to Slavic folkloristics.
Bob Rothstein