Vladimir Nabokov

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Publishers Weekly, Febr. 28, 2000.

"The Butterfly Effect", p. 23

a feature by Judith Rosen discussing the success of Nabokov's Blues, the
literary and scientific importance of the upcoming release of Nabokov's
Butterflies and speculating to what extent the two books will have a
"tandem" success effect. Regarding this, the article notes that Doubleday
will offer both books to its book club in July and Atlantic Monthly's April
issue cover story will be Nabokov and his butterflies with the new chapter
from The Gift entitled "Father's Butterflies". Publishers Weekly called
Nabokov's Blues "a hit" and Nabokov's Butterflies release "an event like the
publication of Martha Graham's "Notebooks" or E.O. Wilson's "Ants".
The Sciences, March/April issue
p. 46

full page review of Nabokov's Blues, with color illustration, by Laurence A.
Marshall entitled "The Literate Lepidopterist", subtitled "Vladimir Nabokov,
butterfly savant with a narrative flair". A very positive and balance
portrayal of the book's contents, concluding "[Nabokov] would likely have
read all this with pleasure and, I suspect, a good measure of professional

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Dear Kurt,
Best of luck on your medical tests!
The news about the upcoming reviews is stupendous. BTW, the
NYTimes review was not nearly so bad as you think. ALthough the guy was
less than well-informed and had complaints, that is minor compared to the
coverage itself. Anyway, I strongly suspect people read reviews to see if
a book might or might not interest them. Whether the reviewer likes it or
not is secondary. The coverage you have gotten is unbelievable for
what is, after all, a rather arcane topic.
I'll run refs to the items you mention when they are out. Let
me know.
best, Don

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