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Beacon Press Book (fwd)
From: Galya Diment <galya@u.washington.edu>

This is just a preliminary message to all who have expressed interest in
purchasing the book at a 50% discount (and, in some cases, either joining
the IVNS or taking care of the lapse in your membership). Since some of
the checks sent to Steve Parker are still in the mail, we will wait till
next week to finalize the list. People who were IVNS members in 1999 but
have not yet paid their 2000 dues (since the solicitation has not gone out
yet) are O'K but are encouraged to renew their membership early, if they

The way we will proceed from here is that I will get all the books, will
pay for them with one check, and then will do the shipping. Please DO NOT
send any money to me yet -- not until next week when I send out the final
message asking for $25 per book. The shipping is a bit more complicated
since I will have to ship it out first, find out what the postage was in
each case (book rate), and charge each of you (we will have probably
between 40 and 50 all in all) individually after I ship books out. A bit
complicated but that was the only way to do it since the Press would have
charged you $10 more per book PLUS the shipping costs were they to agree
to do it themselves.

Those of you who live abroad -- if there is any way to pay in American
dollars, that would make my life much-much simpler. Also next week I will
ask y'all for the best mailing addresses for you.

BUT please NO CHECKS and NO ADDRESSES YET -- This is just a preliminary
message. Thanks! Galya

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