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Reply re LOLITA censorship (fwd)
One place to look for Lolita's publishing history is in Sally Dennison,
*Alternative Literary Publishing*, 1984: Univ of Iowa Press. There's also
some interesting documentary stuff in the *Dictionary of Literary Biography
Documentary Series.* Karlinsky discusses the banning of *Lolita* in *The
Nabokov-Wilson Letters*, 1979: Harper and Row. Also Brian Boyd's *VN: The
American Years* chapters 14 and 16. *Lolita* was never banned in the US.

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At 12:55 PM -0800 2/29/0, Donald Barton Johnson wrote:
>EDITOR's NOTE. The English-language LOLITA was banned in France (where it
>was first published) and in England. There are many articles devoted to
>the topic. Can someone supply a bibliographic citation?
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>I've read a lot about the controversy surrounding "Lolita" when it was first
>published, the town that almost changed its name, the difficulty in finding
>a publisher, etc., but was it ever banned anywhere (esp. within the United
>Martin Striz
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