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Re: LO shock value (fwd)
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> >> father (who the filmmaker never makes us hate or loath, but pity) combined
> >> with the modern moral outrage attached to man/boy (nambla!) matches comes
> >> closer, i think, to the effect or charge nabokov's novel achieved in its
> >> time. if you are to make an accurate film version of lolita you must change
> >> from dolly to johnny
> I don't agree. I think you just need to have the right *little* girl in
> the film, and neither film has had (I believe VVN had something more like
> Malle's _Zazie_ in mind -- something I read on the list or in Boyd).
> Irons also lacked the energy to play HH, in fact I really wonder if he
> has more than one character in him.
I disagreed in a major way with the interpretation in Adrian Lyne.
Someone should make a movie from Nabokov's adaptation. I was thinking of
the daughter in Piano, whatever her name is. Maybe she is too old now


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