Vladimir Nabokov

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Marital Masks (fwd)
From: Malcolm Reynolds <reynoldsm001@hawaii.rr.com>

The February edition of Harper's has an article by Kathryn
Harrison titled "Connubial Abyss" in which she uses the
marriage of VN and Vera to open and close her discussion of
the human penchant for personal masks and a deep, inviolable
privacy. Maybe some NABOKV-L members might find it

Last word on the Kinbote/Homophobic string: It seems to me
that to argue the point reasonably, there has to be a working
definition of what constitutes a homophobic stereotype, and
then that defintion has to be applied to the character and the
creator behind the character. Generalization is out; the
personal and detailed is in.

Sometimes I think that academic experts miss the sheer joy of
reading something so supremely fine that an amateur reader
like myself can return to again and again with pleasure. No
other author in my reading life has done that for me except


Mac Reynolds